Elaine Connell  




Photos of Elaine over the past 25 years

More photos of Elaine

Readings from Elaine's funeral and celebration of her life.

UpShitCreek - the blog Elaine kept for the last year or so of her illness

Lives Remembered - page on the Hebden Bridge Web

Sylvia Plath Forum - for ten years Elaine ran the most popular website for those interested in Plath - a fine example of how literary discussion could be conducted on the newly emerging Internet

Elaine's Writings - we will be collecting together some of Elaine's most interesting writings. Much of her recent work was in emails and postings. If you have something which you think we should know about, we'd be most grateful if you would email it to us at Pennine Pens - thanks.

This memorial to Elaine will be updated regularly, with more photos and some of Elaine's writings.




Elaine Connell died from cancer at home early Monday morning, 1st October 2007




Elaine Connell