The Curious Case of Dr Mann by Trevor Millum

A Strange Tale
of the Satisfactions
and Frustrations
of Revenge featuring
Money, Sex and Cunning

He has been travelling all day and is now tired. He takes a room and carries his two leather cases up with him. Inside, he places the cases on the small table, locks the door and lies on the bed.

Almost immediately he gets up again and goes over to the window. He can see a side street below the darkening walls of other buildings. He draws the curtains and is irritated that they barely meet. He lies down again, this time pausing to remove his shoes.

This man has a problem. The problem is in one of the cases. The problem is money and there is a very large amount of it…

The Curious Case of Dr Mann

 Trevor Millum has worked in Africa and SE Asia as well as UK and is currently Communications and Development Director for The National Association for the Teaching of English. His first book was Images of Woman, a study of visual communication in advertising and he has gone on to write on subjects as diverse as ICT, African history and English Literature.

His off-beat collection of short stories based on experiences in Singapore and Borneo was first published in Singapore as Traffic Island. A reworked collection was published in UK as Mixing It where the character of Dr Mann made his first appearance. Trevor also writes for children and is a widely published poet in books for children aged 7-14. His collections Warning - Too Much Schooling Can Damage Your Health and Double Talk (with Bernard Young) have been in print for many years.